Processing of Credit Card Payments

Payment details are verified and authorised upon receipt of an order. However, the payment will only be debited from your account once the reading has been completed and dispatched to you.


Information supplied to us through our ordering system will only be used for the purpose stated - such as to provide a psychic reading or chart.

Adverts On Our Web Site

Adverts that appear on our web site may result in third parties placing and reading cookies on your computer or using web beacon to collect information. Access to cookies can be controlled by changing the appropriate settings in your browser to either block or allow cookies. Please refer to the HELP section of your browser for more information on how to change these settings.

Spam and Bots

Our policy on SPAM is to not send it. Nor do we encourage it by responding to it. Please note that all email to our web site is filtered. Any unsolicited emails to our administration are monitored for SPAM and trashed if there is the slightest whiff of SPAM. We also do not use bots and do not want visitors using bots on our site. We do not take up much of you're bandwidth so please do not take up ours.